The Process

The McCann Way: Your Home Remodeling Process

At McCann Custom Remodeling, we believe in making the process of remodeling your home as convenient and fun as possible! We’ve developed a simple 5 Step System that makes it easy for our family of clients to get started AND to always know what’s next ahead of time.

Step 1: Meet Your Remodelers

As with any new relationship, the first step is getting to know each other. As soon as you contact us, we’ll set up a time within the next week to come visit you to learn about and understand your home remodeling goals, preferences, and dreams. Through intuitive questions and attentive listening from our project managers, we will spend the time it takes to get an accurate picture of the objectives for your project. Then, it’s on to Step 2!

Step 2: Plan Your Project

The number of choices for something as simple as a kitchen sink can be mind boggling. Some of our clients come to us with an exact picture of what they want already in their heads, and some are looking for lots of professional input to assist them with their choices. We work with everyone! If you already know exactly what you want and have told us in our initial meeting, then it’s on to Step 3!

If you’d prefer a little guidance however, we make it our mission to find the solutions that will help you best reach your desired goals. This is why you hire professional remodelers: because of our experience and expertise. We know the industry so well that we can often tell at a glance the names and brands of the products you have in mind: just ask! This is also the point in the process where you will want to develop your remodeling project budget. Keep in mind that deciding on a budget does not mean knowing what the project will cost, it means having a goal to aim for. It is crucial to tell us what you are looking to invest, because we can only help you develop a project that fits your budget if we are very clear about where you want to go! Now, with your budget and product preferences in mind, it’s on to Step 3!

Step 3: What’s My Budget?

Now that we know the budget you’re aiming for and your product preferences, we will work to nail down the exact amount needed to construct your dream project. With our predictable and methodical pricing system, we’ll determine an accurate accounting of the project scope and pricing for your project. We will construct blueprints, advise you on how to acquire any permits you may need, contact manufacturers, and assemble a price that makes it perfectly clear what each aspect of your project will cost. Our systems make this portion of the remodeling process a cinch, and we can usually have a firm price ready for you within 1-2 weeks. At that point, we’ll give you the pricing along with a project proposal that spells out in very clear terms exactly what is included in our pricing. This is a critical component in any project proposal, and it is especially important if you intend to compare more than one price. Without a very good understanding of what is included in the project pricing it is impossible to know if you are getting a good value and how two bids truly compare. When you’re ready to accept our proposal, we’ll arrange a time within the next couple of days to get together and go over the details of what the schedule for your project will look like. Then we’ll be ready to begin Step 4!

Step 4: Ready, Set, Go!

Your personal project manager will keep you informed and work with you to complete your project with the least amount of disruption possible. With a pre-written schedule and proactive communication, we will work to keep you informed every step of the way. You will always know what is going on and when. There will likely be decisions and options that our team will discuss with you along the way, and we’ll give you every opportunity to make everything exactly the way you want it.

To help achieve our mission of convenience and professionalism, our team will clean and sweep up the remodeling work areas every single day! This not only ensures that you won’t get dust tracked unnecessarily through your home, but it also ensures that your family and our team have a safe environment. Debris such as scrap wood, sawdust, or metal will be removed from your home on a daily basis to make certain that you never have trash laying around your yard or home. When a dump trailer is required to haul off debris, we will work hard to keep the amount of time it is located in your driveway to a minimum. Once your project is completed and you’re raving about the results, it’s finally time for Step 5!

Step 5: Keep In Touch

That’s it: mission accomplished! The work is finished and you’re enjoying your new space! We often contact the clients we’ve done work for every year to catch up and make sure everything is still working as planned. At McCann, we stand firmly behind the work we’ve done, and we’re one of the only remodeling firms in Cincinnati that offers a LIFETIME warranty on our workmanship. This means that if anything our employees were responsible for was not done as correctly as possible, or comes apart, we come back and make things right at no charge. This guarantee often lasts longer than the products themselves! Of course, we also pass on any extended or lifetime warranties associated with the products themselves when they are given to us by the manufacturer. We treat our clients like family, so don’t be surprised if you receive a Christmas card! We guarantee you’ll love the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your project was handled by McCann.